Well, here we are, six months into a global pandemic. . .

I brew myself a pot of PG Tips (my go-to comfort tea), admire my little patio garden, and muse about things. Although theatres are still mostly shuttered, we are seeing artists do what they do—ramp up their creativity, think outside the box, and find ways to open the doors again. Wonderful! I also find myself very inspired by the long overdue changes that are happening in our world—the raising of voices from the Black Lives Matter movement and the call to action by artists of all colors and diversity. Exciting, wonderful, challenging, and so very necessary.

I share some things I discovered online that I find very informative, helpful, and thought-provoking.

Black Like Me, past, present, and future: Behind the Stratford Festival Curtain

Andrew C Prashad (Code Switching)

Muhammad Ali (why is everything white)

I realize, despite the uncertainty of COVID-19, I am looking forward to planning and dreaming for the future through a new lens.

Also, the main thing on my mind is wondering how everyone is doing! I do so hope you are well and keeping physically distant but socially close; getting out into the sunshine, seeing family and friends when you can, and embracing the world of zoom and google hangouts.

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