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Western Gold Theatre Society is a professional non-profit theatre company with a registered tax number. It was founded in 1994 by Joy Coghill O.C. in response to the dearth of roles for professional senior (55+) actors in the Vancouver area. Today we include younger colleagues with our senior performers.


Western Gold Theatre Society is a senior professional company of theatre artists committed to producing plays of the highest quality and relevance to audiences of all ages. As part of this mandate Western Gold also mentors emerging younger professional artists by including them in many of our productions.


A Board of Directors oversees Western Gold Theatre Society's finances, with two part-time staff (An Artistic Director and a General Manager.) All activities of the society operate according to its By-Laws (revised in 2014).

2018-2019 Board of Directors

     • Donnie MacDonald - President
     • Morgan Nicholsfigueiredo - Vice-President
     • Lumi Constantin - Secretary

     • Tanja Dixon-Warren - Director
     • Gerald Lecovin - Director
     • Bonnie MacKenzie - Director
     • Keith Martin Gordey - Director
     • Andy Sandberg - Director
     • Diana Sandberg - Director

You can email the board at

     • WGT (info@WesternGoldTheatre.org)

Artistic Director

     • Anna Hagan (annavancouver@yahoo.com)

General Manager

  • Glenn MacDonald (glenndec@hotmail.com)



Charity Reg #


Please note that Western Gold Theatre Society is a Registered Canadian Non-Profit Charitable Organization, and that donations of $20.00 or more are eligible for a tax receipt. 


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